End-to-end design of food emulsion

Learn how the end-to-end design of a low-fat mayonnaise was performed through the VIMMP-Marketplace. And how to plan a step-by-step design for a broader range of industrial products, such as (e.g. cosmetics, topical pharmaceuticals, lubricants, coatings).

End-to-end design of personal care liquids

A multiscale modelling workflow has been devised to study processing of lamellar phase personal care liquids in rotor-stator mixers. The workflow involves several scales ranging from the microstructure of gel bilayers as basic units of the personal care liquids up to prediction of the average output size of dispersed phase lumps in rotor-stator mixers.

Prediction of automobile tires properties

Here, a multiscale simulation approach has been developed to study filler aggregates breakage mechanism during the mixing process of automobile tires, a process that involves numerous length scales ranging from the molecular-scale, to the nanofiller/nanoparticle-scale, and finally to the equipment-scale.

Prediction of corrosion properties in coatings

Polymers are a good way to develop innovative new additives for paints and coatings. As a small but innovative company, we were able to integrate further scientific findings into our development work via the VIMMP Marketplace. Our focus is on corrosion protection, which requires complex effectiveness in a paint system.

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