Stephan, S., Horsch, M. T., Vrabec, J., & Hasse, H. (2019). MolMod–an open access database of force fields for molecular simulations of fluids. Molecular Simulation, 45(10), 806-814.

doi: 10.1080/08927022.2019.1601191

Abstract: The MolMod database is presented, which is openly accessible at and contains intermolecular force fields for over 150 pure fluids at present. It was developed and is maintained by the Boltzmann-Zuse Society for Computational Molecular Engineering (BZS). The set of molecular models in the MolMod database provides a coherent framework for molecular simulations of fluids. The molecular models in the MolMod database consist of Lennard-Jones interaction sites, point charges, and point dipoles and quadrupoles, which can be equivalently represented by multiple point charges. The force fields can be exported as input files for the simulation programmes ms2 and ls1 mardyn, GROMACS, and LAMMPS. To characterise the semantics associated with the numerical database content, a force field nomenclature is introduced that can also be used in other contexts in materials modelling at the atomistic and mesoscopic levels. The models of the pure substances that are included in the database were generally optimised such as to yield good representations of experimental data of the vapour–liquid equilibrium with a focus on the vapour pressure and the saturated liquid density. In many cases, the models also yield good predictions of caloric, transport, and interfacial properties of the pure fluids. For all models, references to the original works in which they were developed are provided. The models can be used straightforwardly for predictions of properties of fluid mixtures using established combination rules. Input errors are a major source of errors in simulations. The MolMod database contributes to reducing such errors.